At G&S Autocare, doing things right is at the core of the entire staff. We go the extra mile when performing standard oil change services. Depending on the engine oil specification, most vehicles should have the oil and oil filter changed every 5000 to 7,500 KM’s depending on the oil type. Changing your oil is the service most performed on a vehicle. Choosing the right oil for your vehicle is determined by the make of your vehicle as well as the mileage of your engine. For this reason, we offer several oil change packages for you to choose from including synthetic and conventional motor oils..

Vehicle Cooling System Functions

Your vehicle’s cooling system has multiple functions that keeps your engine running smoothly and safely. The cooling system includes and affects the engine, radiator, water pump, cooling fan, hoses and the thermostat. When the engine is combusting, fuel energy is converted to heat energy. The heat energy is transferred to the coolant that is circulated through the entire engine by way of the water pump. G&S checks all of your cooling system components to ensure they are all functioning effectively..

Don’t Let Your Engine Overheat

There could be several reasons why your engine overheats. Some of the most common reasons why your engine overheats include low levels of antifreeze, low engine oil, faulty thermostat, cracked hoses, cracked radiator, blown water pump, or electrical issues with fans. An overheated engine cause multiple problems if not addressed expediently. By looking after your vehicles preventative maintenance you can avoid some of the serious damage an overheating engine can cause. An overheated engine could result in:

  • Pressure on the head gasket could lead to it cracking
  • Water could leak into the cylinders of the engine which could cause damage to other various parts
  • Warped cylinders

Engine Running Hot?

Keep cool and calm your vehicles temperature down at G&S Autocare in the Marpole Vancouver area. Give us a call or use our convenient contact form to schedule your next cooling system check, service and repairs.