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G&S Auto Care works with all vehicle makes when it comes to air conditioning systems service and repairs . Our team of certified mechanics have the right AC diagnosing equipment that are designed to locate any air conditioning problem. AC units shouldn’t be replaced if they don’t have to be. Having the right tools will help us pinpoint your issue right away, so we can cut down on labour time as well as reduce the chances of having to replace the entire AC system. Vancouver Summers have been heating up over the years, and at G&S we realize the importance of keeping our clients comfortable and happy no matter how hot it gets .

Air Conditioning Problems

Having AC was once a luxury feature for few vehicle owners. Nowadays, AC has become a standard feature in most cars. With that being said, there will always be a chance that your AC system will need to be repaired, recharged, or replaced. At some point there will be indicators that your car’s AC unit needs attention. Below are a list of some problems to watch out for when your air conditioning starts to go :

  • Foul smells may be an indicator that there is a bacterial build up and repair is required
  • If your vehicle isn’t getting cold enough, you may need to recharge your system with Freon
  • If your air conditioning blows hot air, your car air conditioner may need a new relay switch
  • Strange noises should be looked after immediately and will likely require air conditioning repair

It is important to have your air conditioner serviced frequently even when everything seems to be working fine. Expect to recharge your AC system every 3 to 4 years or as specified by the manufacturer. At G&S we do various checks on your AC system like the compressor oil, filters, and refrigerant gas. Having your vehicle checked annually will protect against malfunctions in the compressor and other parts of the AC system. Maintaining your vehicle’s AC system ensures proper operation which will save you money in the long run and keep you cool when temperatures get hot.

Air Conditioning and Heating 101

Air conditioning systems and heating mechanisms are pivotal components that contribute to an enjoyable and comfortable driving experience. During sweltering summers, air conditioning systems come to the rescue, swiftly cooling the interior cabin and providing respite from the heat outside. These systems employ intricate processes of refrigeration to efficiently remove humidity and lower the temperature inside the vehicle. Conversely, when winter’s chill sets in, heating systems step up, delivering a cozy warmth that envelops the occupants. These air conditioning systems can utilize heated air or liquid to maintain a pleasant environment even when temperatures plummet. Just as these features enhance comfort, they also play a role in defogging windows, ensuring optimal visibility even in adverse weather conditions. Proper upkeep and periodic servicing of these vehicle air conditioning and heating systems are essential not only for maintaining comfort but also for ensuring safe and clear journeys year-round.

AC Refrigerant for Car Air Conditioning

AC refrigerant for a car is a specialized substance used in the vehicle’s air conditioning system to facilitate the cooling process. It plays a crucial role in absorbing heat from the interior cabin and releasing it outside, resulting in cooler air being circulated within the car. The refrigerant undergoes a continuous cycle of compression and expansion, transitioning between liquid and gaseous states to transfer heat effectively.

If the refrigerant is low, a recharge may be necessary to restore optimal cooling capacity and ensure a comfortable and refreshing driving experience, particularly during warmer months.

AC Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, especially during hot weather. Regular upkeep includes checking the refrigerant levels to ensure efficient cooling performance. If you notice that the air isn’t as cool as it used to be, it might be time for a recharge. Additionally, cleaning or replacing the cabin air filter helps maintain good air quality inside the vehicle. Ensuring the proper functioning of the compressor, condenser, and evaporator through regular inspections can prevent potential breakdowns and costly repairs. As part of your vehicle’s overall maintenance routine, taking care of the air conditioning system ensures that you can cruise in comfort no matter the temperature outside, making your journeys more pleasant and hassle-free. Ask us about our air conditioner Freon recharge maintenance service along with other care and maintenance options for your car.

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