G&S Autocare specializes in exhaust repairs and replacement services in Marpole and surrounding South Vancouver areas. We use quality muffler auto parts and use the latest in diagnostic equipment to quickly test your exhaust system for leaks or wear and tear. Your exhaust system regulates the emission levels your vehicle produces through the catalytic converter. The muffler itself decreases the noise emitted from a combustion engine. At G&S we install and repair complete exhaust systems for cars, trucks and SUV’s.

Time for A New Muffler?

Like other preventative vehicle checks G&S performs, we inspect the complete exhaust systems from the exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipe. Like any part in your vehicle, there is a lifespan to how long they will last. Factors such as heat, weather, vibration, corrosion and accidental damage can all lead to needing your muffler or exhaust system repaired or replaced. If you are unsure as to the state of your exhaust system, there are a few things we look for that will tell us it is time to bring your vehicle in. Indicators that tell you that need your muffler & exhaust system serviced are:

  • Vehicle engine is running louder than usual
  • Condensation in the exhaust pipes
  • Visual inspection for rust and holes in exhaust system
  • Loose parts like mounts and brackets due to vibration
  • Lower than usual fuel efficiency
  • Stronger than normal smell

Regular Safety Exhaust Checks

At G&S, taking care of our clients safety is our number one priority. Like many parts of your vehicle, a faulty exhaust system can be hazardous to you and your loved ones if not regularly checked and maintained. Issues like exhaust leaks can allow fumes to travel into the cabin of your vehicle. Over time, exhaust fumes can lead to fatal circumstances if not addressed right away. For this reason it is important to bring your vehicle in to G&S Autocare right away if you notice the smell of fumes.

Muffler Maintenance and Repairs

Make sure you and your car’s engine are breathing properly by bringing your vehicle in to have your exhaust system inspected. Give us a call or use our convenient contact form to schedule a muffler and exhaust system service.