Complete Fuel Injection Service

G&S Autocare has been serving the South Vancouver area since 2001 and has made many customers happy over the years with their friendly service, great value and use of quality parts and products. Our fuel injection service is no exception, and is one of the many preventative maintenance services we offer. Our fuel injection service can be done quickly and is relatively inexpensive. We service all makes and models and perform a complete diagnostic of the entire fuel system. The health of your fuel injection system plays an important role in many aspects of your vehicles.

Importance of Fuel Injection Service

Let’s first start with some braking system education. The braking system is compiled of a series of mechanical, electronic and hydraulically controlled components which utilize friction to stop your vehicle. Pressure on your brake pedal activates a piston in the master cylinder, forcing brake fluid through your brake lines to the calipers and wheel cylinders. This produces force on the each piston. The calipers and wheel cylinders contain pistons, which are connected the disc brake or pad. Each piston pushes the attached friction material against the surface of the rotor. This results in slowing down the rotation of the wheel. With all that being said, there are many moving parts and they should all be considered. Below are things to watch for to ensure your braking system is functioning properly:

  • Your brake pedal feels spongy when pressed
  • Brake fluid in master cylinder low
  • Scraping or grinding sounds coming from your wheels
  • Your vehicle doesn’t drive in a straight line, pulling to one side
  • Braking system dash warning light

Fuel Injection Issues

We strongly recommend you bring your vehicle in to have the brakes checked regularly . Leaving it too long not only leads to dangerous driving conditions, but also the mechanical components could unnecessarily wear out prematurely costing you more. Things like your brake fluid should be tested regularly for possible contamination that could be introduced into the brake system. Brake pad levels should also be checked regularly to prevent unnecessary rotor damage. Servicing your brake system can be a fairly inexpensive service to stay on top of. Brake repairs only gets expensive if you leave things too long.

Need Your Fuel Injection System Serviced?

Is you car running rough? It might be mean your fuel injection system needs checking. Give us a call or use our convenient contact form to schedule a complete fuel injection system check..