Timing Belt Replacement

G&S Autocare provides timing belt replacement services to extend the life of your vehicle no matter what the make and model. We have nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in replacing timing belts. The timing belt is an integral part of the vehicles engine allowing all moving parts to function correctly. For this reason, It is crucial to have your timing belt replaced at the manufacturers specified date..

Time for a New Timing Belt?

Each car manufacturer specifies when your timing belt should be replaced. The old rule of thumb was to change your timing belt every 100,000KM, but with the advancement in technology over the years the recommended replacement is around the 150,000KM mark. With the advent of timing chains there isn’t a need to change it. To be safe, be sure to check with the manufacturer’s recommendation. The year and make of your vehicle will give you the important information you need to prevent any damage to your engine with the replacement of your timing belt .

What can Go Wrong?

Neglecting the preventative maintenance for your vehicle is never a good idea and will ultimately lead to more problems which will cost you more dollars . Your vehicle timing belt is no exception to the rule. The damage caused by not changing your timing belt can be severe, dangerous, and expensive. The damage caused be a snapped timing belt could lead to the following problems:

  • Bent Valves
  • Cylinder Head
  • Camshaft Damage
  • Piston Damage
  • Cylinder Damage

Avoid the Inevitable

It is rare that no damge occurs when a timing belt goes. Give us a call or use our handy contact form for timing belt replacement services.